Monday, November 24, 2014

How To Transport Magnets By Air

When transported by air, the magnets need to be entrusted to a special institution (bureau of technical supervision) to do degaussing. The so-called degaussing is not really to eliminate the magnetic performance of the magnet, but to adopt different methods according to different product strength to make the unit packing meet the state requirements for aviation safety transportation.

For some magnets with weak magnetism, we usually use the general iron as the isolation, fix the magnets, pack with the pearl cotton bag, and finally put them into the cartons. Then they can go through the airline Mag&Bag.

As for the strong magnets, we can make them through the airline Mag&Bag by using special package with the effect of the magnetic isolation, and now some magnetic isolation material in the market can achieve this effect. In the packaging process, we usually reassemble the powerful magnet with these magnetic isolation materials, so as to reduce the magnetic strength, and make the strong magnet through the airline Mag&Bag.


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